Areas of Practice

We can review and draw up contracts such as Incorporation, Partnerships, Consultancy, Disclosure Agreements, Distribution Agent agreements, Leasing and Hire ,Franchising Manufacturing, Composition, Debt Collection.

Kaya & Partner can represent your company on direct investment in Turkey, through obtaining and implementing government approvals, thereby saving time and cutting red tape. We can advise foreign companies who are considering establishing company, merging, acquiring, or forming joint ventures with Turkish companies.

We assist our clients with Insurance Re-insurance law, general consultancy and litigation for subrogation / regress claims, green card, legal protection insurance, health insurance, and other insurance matters.

Kaya & Partner is able to quickly assemble to right team of adjustment, consulting and expertise management specialist to settle the claim and prevent income loss in Hotel, Road, Sea and Airways damages, Automobile Accidents, and is to deal with subrogation claims on other insurers and parties.

Kaya & Partner offers a wide range of legal services to local and international clients in Aviation , Marine , Coach Bus accident regarding claims damages, compensation and insurance indemnity.

In fact the lawyers at our claims and Personal Injury Department are specialized in Local and International Aviation, Maritime, Road Traffic Accident and Hotel Catastrophes.  We are contacted with Europe, UK and US based law firms who specialised in aviation road traffic and personal injury claims. We also have access to the global aviation and legal protection insurance market in the Europe, city of London , and USA.

Some International Aviation and Coach accidents around of globe.

Airlines Manufacturer-Type Date & Place of Accident Cause
Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 2009 Amsterdam Crash on landing
SpainAir MD-82 2008 Madrid Crash after take off
AtlasJet Airlines MD-80 2007 – Isparta -Turkey Crash on landing
Kenya Airways, Being 737-800 2007- Cameroon Crash on landing
Garuda; Indonesia Boeing 737- 497 2007- Indonesia Runway Overrun
GOL; Brasil Boeing 737 2006 _ Brazil Mid-air Collision
One-Two-Go MD82 (McDonnell Douglas) 2007 Phuket -Thailand Crash on landing
Flashair Boeing 737 2004- Egypt Crash shortly after take off
China Northern Airlines MD-80 2002- South Korea Crash after take off
Turkish Airlines (THY) RJ-100 2001- Diyarbakir Crash on landing
World Trade Center Boeing 757-767 2001 New York-USA Pentagon Terrorist attack
Swissair 111 MD-11 1998 – Canada Nova Scotia Canada
Egypt Air Boeing 767 1999 -off Long Island NY Crew/CVR issue
Silk Air Boeing 737 1997-Indonesia Suspected in flight control failure
American Airlines 965 Boeing 757 1995 Cali, Columbia Avionics and navigator error

Here are just some of the areas in which we can provide legal advice and assistance; Medical Malpractice, Birth Injuries, Wrongful Death, Construction Accidents, Building Accidents, Work Site Accident, Assault Cases, Defective and Dangerous Products, Lead Poison.

Our property and real estate lawyers handle a wide variety of transactions, including all aspects of joint ventures, sale and purchase of land, long leasehold contracts, construction loans and lease of residential and commercial properties. We represent developers and creditors in real estate projects in commercial and residential property.

Our Firm provides legal advice to its clients on the free movement of goods and services, labour and capital in the EU. Our lawyers are experts in EU commercial and competition policies. ECHR

We have assisted our clients who deal with the Energy and Market Regulatory Authority for licensing, land allocation, infrastructure sharing, pricing tariffs and auditing purposes. Our attorneys are handling all aspects of transactions, regulatory proceedings and litigation in the energy market and environmental law.

Kaya&Partner can represent clients before governmental bodies for investment approvals and incentives, Free Trade Zone operations, as well as capital markets, cross border investments, emerging markets, private equity, venture capital and export and import procedures.

Kaya&Partner provides advice for clients on licensing and transaction regarding intellectual property law. We also advise on how the law can protect your firm’s copyrights, patents, trademarks and designs in Turkey.

We advise in all areas of corporate law, including formation, corporate governance, and structure.

Kaya&Partner regularly represents   clients  in connection with  every aspect of the employment  dipustes both in  arbitration, and  litigation before Turkish courts. The lawyers  at  firm provide  clients on day-to-day counseling. In so doing, we assist employers in maintaining compliance with applicable laws and avoiding litigation by dealing with employees effectively and fairly within the bounds of the law.

Kaya & Partner regularly represents clients in connection with every aspect of the employment disputes both in arbitration, and litigation before Turkish courts. The lawyers at firm provide clients on day-to-day counseling. In so doing, we assist employers in maintaining compliance with applicable laws and avoiding litigation by dealing with employees effectively and fairly within the bounds of the law.

Criminal Law, Administrative Law, ADR, Mediation and Arbitration, Sports Law Immigration and Refugee Law; Bankruptcy and Insolvency