In Turkey the claim for damages procedures differ in many respects from that of other European countries. Accordingly, the staff of our Claims Handlings Departments of Kaya & Partner provides legal services for insurers, re- insurance, individual and victims. The members of our legal team are experienced in Turkish and European, aviation, road traffic accident, personal injury, transport,  legal protection insurance, tort, obligation, indemnity medical malpractice, health law and travel law.

Handling of Claims in Turkey:

Whatever the types of claims including losing property, personal injury, accidents  on road, sea and airway Kaya & Partner are able to quickly assemble the right legal team so as to settle the claim and prevent income loss.

Kaya & Partner has offered legal services to legal protection insurance, re- insurance as well as individuals in the following areas

 Travel law and legal protection  Travel law and legal protection
 Personenschäden, Arbeitsunfälle  Personal injury, workplace accident
 Schmerzensgeld  Product and contract liability
 Kfz Haftpflichtschäden Grüne Karte Green card (private or motor liability claims)
 Immobilien   Property and Casualty Claims
 Betrug und strafrechtliche Ermittlungen   Fraud and criminal investigation
 Verkehrs-, See- und Flugunfälle Traffic, maritime, aircraft accidents
 Verbraucherschutz  Consumer protection
 Transportschäden und CMR Rechtsvorschriften   Transport damages and CMR
 Kreditversicherungsansprüche (Inkasso)  Credit insurance claims (debt collection)
 Subrogation  Subrogation / recourse claims
 Haftung von Führungskräften und befugten Personen  Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

Some of duties and remedies that we provide

1) Direct and/or subrogation – claims on other parties or insurers.
2) Investigations on insured at medical and other organizations in Turkey
3) Practicing litigation of civil or/and criminal matters
4) Salvaging of damaged vehicle, transfer it through the customs
5) Transport the vehicles to the Europe

Case Handling Procedures

A claim procedure in Turkey is generally pretty straight forward. It consists of roughly of three stages. The first is an amicable settlement, which is an attempt for resolution of the claims without going to the court. The second stage is undertaken via a legal action through a court of law and and third is the Bailiff Office for debt recovery. Consequently Kaya & Partner has a-3 file system for handling a case:
1) Amicable settlement
2) Litigation proceedings
3) Legal Action for collection of debt